Friday, April 18, 2008

Uninterrupted GPS signal reception technology

BAE Systems has developed a satellite navigation receiver system that provides uninterrupted GPS signal reception for air, land, and sea platforms and applications, the company said.

The company developed the system in response to the emerging threat of disruption to operations of GPS navigation systems, BAE said. Its technology keeps GPS navigation operable in the presence of other RF signals that can interfere with or jam signals broadcast from GPS satellites, according to the company.

"GPS jamming has become an acute threat to armed forces operating in the modern battle arena," said Kent Jacobson, vice president of BAE Systems' Sensor Integration business in Austin. "BAE Systems developed a unique system that offers operational immunity against electronic jamming and disruptions to maintain precise and reliable GPS operation, even in multiple jamming environments."

During tests of the system, the anti-jamming GPS successfully overcame electronic jamming in various scenarios, including multiple simultaneous jamming, according to the company. The anti-jamming satellite navigation receiver is available as a complete system or as an add-on to any existing GPS system.

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