Monday, April 14, 2008

Ukraine, Egypt Space Research Cooperation

The governments of Ukraine and Egypt have signed a cooperation agreement on the research and use of space for peaceful purposes.

The Ukrainian president's press service reported that the signing ceremony took place on Thursday [10 April] in the presence of [Ukrainian President] Viktor Yushchenko and Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmad Mahmud Muhammad Nazif.

The agreement was signed by the director-general of the National Space Agency of Ukraine [Yuriy Alekseyev] and the Egyptian minister of higher education and scientific research [Hani Mahfuz Hilal].

"In fact, this will be a strategic document which will define relations between our states and between respective corporations for dozens of years," the Ukrainian president commented on the agreement.

The agreement is expected to facilitate effective bilateral cooperation in space activities.

The agreement provides for cooperation in such directions as fundamental space studies, meteorology, remote sensing, geophysics, aeronomy, space biological technology, ionosphere and space plasma; space research and technical devices; micro and mini satellites for scientific and commercial purposes; on-board remote sensing systems; space telecommunications systems; space transport systems and ground- based facilities for space systems.

The two countries can also cooperate in the planning and implementation of joint space projects, advanced training programmes, facilitation to the participation in scientific, technical and engineering specialists in joint projects; exchange of scientific and technical personnel; exchange of equipment and documents, research data, scientific and technical information and other.

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