Thursday, April 03, 2008

Countrywide mapping exercise in Kenya

The National Bureau of Statistics has embarked on a countrywide mapping exercise in readiness for the 2009 Population and Housing census.

Cartographers from the Bureau are currently on the ground in Eastern and Central Provinces to establish enumeration areas that will be used to draw up next year's census map.

A cartographer leading a team conducting the exercise in Igembe, Nelson Lumumba says technical personnel will segment sub locations in enumeration areas of 100 households each.

He says collected data will provide a framework that the government will use to budget for logistics of carrying out the census on August 24th and 25th next year.

Cartographers have already concluded mapping of Nyanza and Western Provinces and some sections of Rift Valley Province.

During the last official count in 1999, Kenya's population stood at about 28 million people, while current projections indicate that the figure has surpassed the 34 million mark.

Next year's census will be the seventh conducted by an independent Kenyan government.

The colonial government carried out the initial two censuses in 1948 and 1962.

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