Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Collection of Wall Maps released has released a collection of wall maps and they are now available to the public. These maps were specifically designed using GIS data by the cartographers throughout the course of the past year. They were created to be clear, concise, up-to-date and aesthetic.

Every map in this collection has international and/or state borders, highways and freeways, time zones, mountain ranges, deserts, islands and more—everything a person would want. created this collection to fill the void for map enthusiasts and for that sought an excellent wall map.

The market is full of wall maps but the quality of the maps is disappointing for many. Most people want a wall map to locate specific characteristics about a state or region. Many maps either have only few characteristics or far too many to suit all of the needs of the person that purchased it. The wall map collection was designed for easy readability and to be pleasing to the eye when it’s hung on a wall.

These maps can be used for many different purposes. They were designed to serve several functions with the right amount of geographical features. They are perfect for general reference. Many people desire to have a map on the wall in their home and to be able to make sense of it without being overwhelmed. Now that is possible.

They were also designed to help locate sales territories by clearly showing where counties are and where highways and freeways are located. They also include time zones, international airports, and military bases for the ease of location.

This brand new collection is perfect for homes, businesses and classrooms.

Though strives to meet all of the needs in regard to maps, they are especially proud of these products as each map has been specially designed and created. is a leading provider of mapping products and solutions to business, education and consumer markets. For you mapping needs, please visit their website at

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