Thursday, April 17, 2008

ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada

ESRI Canada and Environics Analytics are pleased to announce the release of a complete business geographic information systems (GIS) solution that leverages the intelligence of the best available Canadian geographic, demographic, consumer lifestyle, and business data.

ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada integrates the world's leading GIS software from ESRI with comprehensive data from top Canadian data provider Environics Analytics to create a powerful and flexible business GIS solution. With its robust GIS functionality, user-friendly wizards, and full data complement, it provides business professionals with a highly effective desktop solution for sophisticated demographic, drive-time, and trade area analysis, site selection, customer prospecting, and target marketing.

“The combined power of Environics Analytics data and ESRI Canada's GIS software provides a complete business solution not currently available in the market,” said Alex Miller, President, ESRI Canada. Many organizations are using the ESRI GIS platform, and this data and software package can be easily integrated into their existing corporate GIS platform and extended across the enterprise and over the web. Canadian businesses can now leverage their customer database in conjunction with a wealth of geospatial information including high resolution imagery. ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada is an out-of-the box solution that can be scaled to meet the needs of any organization.”

The ability to analyze and visualize the geographic component of business data reveals trends, patterns, and opportunities hidden in tabular data. By combining information, such as sales data, customer information, and competitor locations, with geographic data, such as demographics, territories, and store locations, ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada helps users better understand their market, customers, and competition.

Performing advanced analysis, mapping, reporting, and publishing the results, and easily creating complex models that harness the power of the ESRI software are among the capabilities ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada offers in one affordable desktop package. Data and analyses produced by ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada can be shared across departments, reducing redundant research and marketing efforts, speeding the analysis of results, and increasing employee efficiency.

To help clients better understand their markets and customers, Environics Analytics has bundled a variety of data for the product: adjusted census variables, demographic estimates and projections for 2008, household expenditure potential data, shopping centre data, and PRIZMCE segment profiles. With these key marketing databases at their fingertips, users of ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada will be able to select their best market areas, target the most profitable customer segments, reduce marketing costs and grow their revenue. Environics Analytics is just one of several trusted data sources for this product. These data sources provide a valuable addition to the software package and include comprehensive geographic data from TeleAtlas, nationwide business listings data from infoCanada, and aerial imagery from GlobeXplorer.

“We're delighted to partner with ESRI Canada in the creation and offering of this product,” says Jan Kestle, President of Environics Analytics. “ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada works for both the trained GIS user who wants access to advanced functionality and the market analyst who has no GIS training at all. We are particularly excited about the sophisticated tools in defining trade areas. And because it's easy to incorporate external data, we are already creating additional data packages to extend the capabilities of the system for our high-power users.”

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