Wednesday, April 02, 2008

AESIS boosts AusGeoRef

References from the Australian Earth Science Information Service (AESIS) database have been added to the AusGeoRef database, to complement the world's most comprehensive source of geoscience information regarding Australia.

The 78 000 AESIS references will almost double the size of the AusGeoRef database. It will provide greater coverage of geoscience literature specific to Australia (including the Antarctic regions) and Papua New Guinea. Many of the additional references relate to mining, mineral processing, mineral resources, and environmental protection.

AusGeoRef, and its parent database, GeoRef, have a combined global subscription of over 1200. Of these, most are universities, research organisations and companies with multiple-access subscriptions.

Developed and maintained by the Australian Mineral Foundation (AMF), AESIS was Australia's leading geoscience, mineral and petroleum database until late 2001 when the AMF ceased operations. In 2003, the Australian Geoscience Information Association (AGIA, SA) acquired AESIS, and began working with GA to facilitate the inclusion of AESIS references into AusGeoRef.

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