Friday, March 14, 2008

Validation tool for spatial data in Oracle Databases, premium version

1Spatial is pleased to announce the release of their Radius Check Plus product, a user-friendly, windows-based application that allows easy identification and administration of spatial data held in Oracle Databases.

Radius Check Plus is a follow-up to the existing Radius Check Lite and Radius Check. The trio of products are designed to enable any user of spatial data in Oracle to manage their databases effectively, without the need for a significant level of expertise. Each product provides the user with a different level of access and functionality.

Radius Check Lite is a free, downloadable version that allows users to review the relevant metadata, indexes and SDO_GEOMETRY data in one, easy-to-use form. Problems are then highlighted in a user-friendly, colour coded display. Radius Check has, in addition to the Radius Check Lite functions, the capacity to allow the user to identify and then create, delete and amend relevant schema problems using simple drop-down menus within the interface.

Radius Check Plus is the premium product in the suite and includes all of the functionality of Radius Check Lite and Radius Check, as well as additional visualisation and correction capabilities, allowing users to identify and correct certain problems within the data, such as double digitisation.

As small applications, any of the Radius Check products can be installed quickly and easily with minimum disruption to users. This, combined with the simple interface, makes for a more time and cost-effective solution to spatial database administration, created after months of trials and feedback from Oracle DBAs and system developers.

Graham Stickler, Product and Marketing Director of 1Spatial said:

“Building on the success of Radius Check Lite and the recent Radius Check release, we are pleased to deliver Radius Check Plus. It has advanced functionality to further enhance the spatial data management process in a simple and cost-effective way.”

1Spatial have built up considerable expertise in the area of Oracle Spatial technology, and are active members of the Oracle Spatial development community and beta program. Our continued Certified Partner Status with Oracle is testament to the close relationship between the two companies and affirms 1Spatial’s commitment to the Oracle technology stack.

For further information about the Radius Check suite and to download Radius Check Lite or purchase Radius Check or Radius Check Plus, please visit


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