Thursday, March 27, 2008

Platinum Postal Suite (PPS)

DMTI Spatial (DMTI), a leading provider of location intelligence solutions, announces the availability of rural six-digit postal code boundaries for Platinum Postal Suite™ (PPS), a leading Canadian postal geography product. PPS enables organizations to optimize their sales, marketing and distribution campaigns by harnessing the intelligence derived from the smallest business boundary available: the postal code.

As more business and government organizations look to better service markets outside of urban areas, rural boundaries provide a functional unit that is smaller than current census geographies. Rural communities associated with one particular postal code can now be visualized providing a seamless representation of targeted areas. The business benefits resulting from the use of six digit postal code boundaries allow companies to better target their highest value customers, reduce cost on distribution campaigns and gather better customer intelligence.

“Rural boundaries are essential in order to provide a complete solution that allows our customers to better serve a growing Canadian population outside of the urban core,” explained Robert Szyngiel, Industry Strategist, DMTI Spatial. “Currently, there are no other market offerings with the capabilities of this geographic data product, with a long history of proven reliability and national coverage.”

The Platinum Postal Suite has helped early adopters establish a competitive market place advantage and is becoming essential for all data-driven marketers. The York University Spatial, Environmental and Action Research (SpEAR) Laboratory conducted a study that explores the advantages of 6 digit postal codes over traditional census boundaries. A whitepaper resulting from this study will be published online by DMTI Spatial in the 2nd quarter of 2008.

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