Monday, March 10, 2008

Assioma: a Land Assets Management Information System

Abaco Srl, leader in the research and development of GIS tools and applications, today presented at GITA 2008 the new version of Assioma, designed to make it easier to manage territorial assets like real-estates, networks, tools, etc.

The solution includes several years of experience designing and developing CAD/GIS applications integrated with Management Information Systems, in order to coherently store information with historical changes of terrains, buildings, street networks, and hydrograph networks.

Progetto Assioma contains advanced software components (DbCAD/DbMAP), a comprehensive software framework (SITI) and application modules (Assioma).

The solution is a complete Graphical Land Management Information System web-based that allows to manage the different aspects of considerable real-estate owners, being those private companies or public administrations; it includes the possibility to manage time-dependent information (census and real-estate marketing), and day-by-day activities (assets maintenance, facility management, leasings, rents, fiscal and taxes issues, reporting, purchases and sales).

“With our experience we have been able to outline the asset management matter into a simple relationship between subjects, objects and entitlements, thus allowing a link between owners, assets and ownership entitlements.” said Marcello Morandi, Abaco’s Product Manager. “Assioma will enable our customers to adopt a Land Management Information System which is easy to use, and completely integrated with advanced GIS functionalities.”

The underlying Abaco’s technology is well known for it’s complete openness towards all the major standards of GIS Data, from Rasters to ESRI ShapeFiles, from WMS sources to Pictometry, allowing to have the best-of-breed tools to manage existing data; plus it supports the standard interchange formats of cadastres, allowing to quickly create new interfaces for upcoming formats.

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About Abaco
Abaco Srl is the developer of DbCAD, one of the most used CAD drawing viewers in the world, and is one of the leaders in the research and development of GIS tools and applications based on multiple geospatial data sources, among which Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator.

With the latest version of its DbMAP Developer Kit, Abaco’s tools allow to start from almost any bi-dimensional GIS data source to project and publish on the web extremely professional web applications, which, adding a few other information like Digital Terrain Models, become in matter of minutes, fully usable 3D “fly-over” solutions.

The complete DbMAP Suite is compliant to the OGC (Open GIS Consortium) standards and compatible with all the most common platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux and the operating systems for handheld and pocket PC; the web components of DbMAP ASJ are usable with any internet browser without installation or additional plug-in; DbMAP Web 3D Flyer requires Macromedia Shockwave Player; and the server components (requiring Java 1.4 or later) are compatible with the most common Web Servers and J2EE Containers like Oracle AS, Tomcat, IBM Websphere. SITI Project is a standard J2EE application using a spatial-enabled backend database.

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