Sunday, March 23, 2008

10 Steps to Profit from Location Intelligence

DMTI Spatial (DMTI), a leading provider of Location Intelligence, released a one page executive summary outlining the necessary actions that will enable the Enterprise to fully profit from the use of location intelligence. The action-oriented document outlines the top 10 steps that the leadership of organizations can take to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve their customer experience by leveraging the principles of geography in business workflows.

While recent research continues to point to the use of location and geographic relationships playing a strategic role in large organizations, reports and surveys continue to canvas technical levels of an organization for guidance. The March 2008 Intelligent Enterprise Expedition, hosted by DMTI Spatial, focused on the line of business owner within organizations and distilled the essential guidance from their perspective. The summary document, 10 Steps to Profit from Location Intelligence has been derived from an expert panel session and was written for business leaders who want to gain the fastest orientation to affect measurable change in the shortest period of time.

The IEE 08 conference provided a forum for enterprise users of location intelligence to share their actual experiences with specific real life examples of the value of location in their business." said Alex Mackay, CEO of DMTI Spatial. "From this executive viewpoint, the expert panel effectively summarized what we consider essential guidance toward positioning an enterprise to use the power of location and create competitive advantage."

The 10 Steps to Profit from Location Intelligence revealed at the Intelligent Enterprise Expedition 2008 is available for download at:


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