Thursday, January 31, 2008

Taipei International Digital Earth Symposium

The 2008 Taipei International Digital Earth Symposium (TIDES 2008) is scheduled to be held May 15-16 on the main campus of the Chinese Cultural University on Yangmingshan in suburban Taipei, according to information released by organizers on the Web site of the conference.

The sixth annual conference will feature the theme: "Earth in the Balance -- the Challenges in Scientific Mapping, Modeling and Monitoring of the Earth's Systems."

The symposium is jointly sponsored by Academia Sinica, the Ministry of the Interior, National Applied Research Laboratories and the Digital Earth Research Center of Chinese Culture University.

Topics to be discussed at the conference will include national land and marine conservation, natural resources development, environmental protection, disaster control and prevention, digital humanity and social science.

Organizers at the Chinese Culture University's Digital Research Center have disclosed that they have already received more than 130 papers for presentation at the symposium, including some submitted by academics and experts from Chad, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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