Monday, February 18, 2008

Postal Code Maps for Australia and New Zealand

GfK GeoMarketing has updated its digital maps of Australia and New Zealand. Each country-specific map set includes around 30 maps covering, among other things, postal code districts, municipalities, bodies of water and road networks. The digital maps are available in all standard data formats.

Digital postal code maps form the basis of sales territory and expansion planning in modern businesses. These and other such maps can be implemented into specialized software applications known as geographic information systems (GIS). Using postal codes, a wealth of company-related information can then be imported and analyzed, from customer addresses and turnover figures to sales force distribution and logistics networks. By displaying this information visually, new relationships and trends can be discerned in a company's data.

However, as postal code systems are frequently restructured, it's crucial that companies have access to the latest maps and cartographic information.

New Zealand is a case-in-point: A comprehensive postal code reform will go into effect on July 1, 2008, after which the previously used postal codes will no longer apply. GfK GeoMarketing has already digitized these new postal code districts, ensuring continued accuracy with regard to companies' customer locations, sales territory planning and regional revenue forecasts.

The city points in the New Zealand map set have also been revised and expanded. For example, the new map set contains 200 city points with associated population information, providing an important basis of orientation. New with this edition are maps of the rail network, city areas, elevation levels and airports.

The Australian map set has also been significantly revised. The postal code map with more than 2,600 postal code districts has been newly digitized for enhanced accuracy. All administrative maps have been fully updated and refined, from the country's states and territories to the approximately 1,400 “local statistical areas”. The Australian map set also has some new additions, including maps of city areas and the rail network.

Both map sets offer a significantly higher level of detail than in previous editions. All of GfK GeoMarketing's digital maps are vector-based, meaning that they allow continuous zooming. In many locations, the level of detail corresponds to a resolution comparable to that of a conventional topographical map at a scale of 1:50.000. This level of quality is necessary for successfully making use of the maps in other digital environments and applications.

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