Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New base mapping in Georgia provided by Fugro EarthData

Work is underway by Fugro EarthData, Inc., to acquire color airborne imagery at a 6-inch pixel resolution over Effingham and Chatham Counties in Southeast Georgia. Organized by regional stakeholders to secure updated, high-accuracy orthoimagery and ancillary mapping products, the project is being performed under two separate contracts—one awarded directly by Effingham County and the other by the Chatham County Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission on behalf of the City of Savannah and Chatham County.

The project positions Fugro EarthData to work once again with Savannah Area GIS, a group charged with coordinating geospatial activities in the region. “Having previously worked together on three consecutive mapping contracts since 1996, Fugro EarthData is thrilled to continue our long and successful partnership with SAGIS,” said Anne Hale Miglarese, managing director of Fugro EarthData.

According to SAGIS Director Noel Perkins, “SAGIS is excited to work with Fugro EarthData in its acquisition of 6-inch aerial photography of Chatham County, Georgia. The cost savings of partnering with neighboring Effingham County allow us to acquire higher resolution imagery than we originally expected.”

Final mapping deliverables are scheduled for June 2008.To achieve fast project turnaround, Fugro EarthData is using its signature all-digital approach based on Leica ADS40 digital imagery combined with its Pixel FactoryTM mapping system to produce the orthophoto base maps. The project also calls for planimetric updates to include collection of building footprints and roads, as well as hydrographic features. Together, these deliverables will be used by local government agencies to support a variety of critical business processes including property assessment, growth and environmental planning, and impervious surface calculations.

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