Monday, February 18, 2008

New 3D Land Management Information System

Abaco Srl, leader in the research and development of GIS tools and applications, today presented at Top-Cart 2008 the new integrated Land Management Information System under the name of “SITI Project”, designed to make it easier for Central and Local Authorities to get an integrated web-based solution to manage Land, Urban Units, Hydrograph and Streets, incorporating the market recognized products DbMAP ASJ and DbMAP Web 3D.

The solutions allows to exploit all the potential of National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDI) and provides a concrete answer to the EU Inspire initiative; SITI Project tries to address the need of real applications that have to take care of all the NSDI stakeholders, being those technology or people, and allowing to “define or use” the “existing or forthcoming” standards and criteria.

SITI Project is an open framework that contains an out-of-the-box solution fostering the concept of centralized spatial database, but customizable and connectable to the existing sources of data available within the SDI; it promotes the re-use of existing Spatial Data, especially on Spatial Data Infrastructures based on a centralised architecture, to improve the service level and visibility, to shorten the time-to-market of Land Management solutions, to reduce the risk through Abaco’s proven technology, and to drive fast integration and implementation of Land Management applications.

The underlying Abaco’s technology is well known for it’s complete openness towards all the major standards of GIS Data, from Rasters to ESRI ShapeFiles, from WMS sources to Pictometry, allowing to have the best-of-breed tools to manage existing data; plus it supports the standard interchange formats of cadastres, allowing to quickly create new interfaces for upcoming formats.

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