Monday, February 11, 2008

Mobile World Congress 2008: Bringing the Power of a Local Guide to Mobile Devices

Mobile World Congress 2008 booth #1G45 -- NAVTEQ, a leading global provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions announces the global launch of NAVTEQ Discover Cities(TM) which is the first bundled digital map data and location content to bring the power of a local guide to mobile devices.

The product is now available for major cities in Europe, with plans in place to expand to major Asian and Latin American cities later in the year in addition to multiple existing North American cities.

NAVTEQ Discover Cities(TM) combines pedestrian thoroughfares like sidewalks, walkways, tunnels and bridges with time-sensitive public transit system information to enable true multi-modal routing. For the first time, urban travelers in Europe with enabled devices will be able to take full advantage of their surroundings by being able to get from place to place using the most time efficient and closest transportation option. Business travelers and tourists will also have a better understanding of what's around them, enhancing orientation even in unfamiliar cities for greater efficiency on business trips and more memorable vacations. This represents a significant increase in features and functionality than previous versions of the product.

When used in combination with other location content from NAVTEQ, such as JiWire Wi Fi hotspots, branded travel guides, 3D Landmarks and 3D City Models, Discover Cities gives users a richer, more informed travel experience and assists their transition from one type of transportation to another during a journey.

"As a leading provider of digital location-based content, NAVTEQ understands the power of a location-referenced world and is committed to providing users with the content they need to make smarter decisions," commented Shane Green, VP Location Content at NAVTEQ. "Discover Cities has the potential to completely change the travel experience. Imagine arriving in an unfamiliar city and having the information at your fingertips to move through and take advantage of what that city has to offer just like a local would, whether you are driving, walking or taking public transportation".

For more information about NAVTEQ Discover Cities, please visit our booth at 3GSM Mobile World Congress, booth 1G45 or go to Demonstrations of NAVTEQ Discover Cities will be available for viewing.


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