Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GIS, GPS technology for Indian railways

The Railways are on a technology upgradation drive and will depend on technology to make improvements in operational efficiency, bring transparency in working and provide better services to passengers.

In addition, the railways are trying to bring about radical changes in railway technology systems and processes. The railways will focus on information technology application in freight service management, passenger service management and general management.

For getting maximum benefit in the coming years, the mantra for present and future IT applications would be seamless integration. The railways nationwide communication infrastructure will provide the foundation for a common delivery network and platform. Modern technologies like GIS, GPS and RFID will be applied progressively.

“A centralised information system will not only be useful for the customers but also for the organisation as well. The customers will have accurate, fast and on-line access to information on various subjects. For the customer it would result in superior experience with improvements in overall efficiency, safety of railway operations, ease of transactions and value added services like infotainment, on-board television and knowledge kiosks with internet facilities,” Prasad said while presenting the budget.

For the organisation, planning and deployment of resources would become much easier with a panoramic view of assets and this would have a multiplier effect on productivity, organisational efficiency and staff satisfaction.

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