Friday, February 01, 2008

ESRI Received Strong Positive Rating in Leading Analyst Firm MarketScope for Public Safety Geographic Information Systems

ESRI received a Strong Positive rating, the highest possible, from Gartner, Inc., the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry. ESRI received this rating in the report entitled MarketScope for Public Safety Geographic Information Systems, 2H07 by Bradley Williams and Jeff Vining and published October 31, 2007. Gartner considers companies receiving a Strong Positive rating to be “providers of strategic products, services or solutions” and recommends that existing customers “continue investments” while potential customers “consider the vendor a strong strategic choice.”

Gartner states in the report, “By the end of 2009, 90% of all state and local government public safety organizations in North America will either use or be supported by geographic information systems. Moreover, GIS [geographic information system] technology is becoming a foundation for data management to drive other core applications through interfaces and links to such things as independent devices, including mobile devices, spatial planning and the Internet. As a result, the purpose of this MarketScope is to better understand what GIS providers are currently offering public safety organizations in order to give our clients a better understanding, because many GIS providers produce general-purpose software and then sell it to various vertical markets.”

As populations and building development increase, the responsibilities of public safety agencies become more demanding and complex. At the same time, agencies are being called upon to deliver services with greater efficiency and economy.

Organizations’ data, including files from legacy systems, can be stored in a GIS geodatabase and used to visualize spatial relationships, revealing trends critical to public safety response and planning.

Solutions from ESRI, including the ArcGIS family of products, enable users to employ one platform to provide a common operating picture for public safety agencies. This platform can be deployed to desktop, mobile, or Web-based clients.

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