Thursday, January 31, 2008

Digitized cadastral maps for Indian wards

In a first-of-its- kind attempt, digitised cadastral administrative maps of the urban local bodies and grama panchayats in the state have been prepared to be put to use for planning and administrative process.

The maps have been prepared by the Information Kerala Mission (IKM) using Geographical Information System and with the aid of the Survey and Land Records Department.

The administrative boundaries of the local bodies along with survey and land record details have been provided in the digitised maps.

Ward-level maps have also been created which includes the marking of streams, roads, water bodies, major locations, government institutions, advanced areas and colonies.

According to K.Premkumar, director technical, IKM, the attempt is to create a database of three level local bodies on the basis of election wards.

This can be used for property tax revisions in future, he said.

The maps for nearly 999 grama panchayats and 58 urban local bodies have been digitised under the programme.

Out of this, some of the land record data and zonal divisions in grama panchayats are yet to be updated.

“The survey maps from 1889-1994 were used to create a base data. We conducted a field survey to update the details of the urban local bodies but updation is yet to be carried out in many grama panchayats. So we have prepared draft maps for them with the scope for future updations,” said Hirosh, head of the GIS division of IKM.

The administrative maps are meant to play a vital role in the watershed development programme that has been given the prime importance in the 11th Five Year Plan.

The river and stream bases are marked in these digitised maps for planning projects related to waterbodies.

The spatial data base can be used for tax mapping by the local bodies and can be put to use for their future planning process.

The administrative maps of the local bodies were released by Local Self Government Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty at a function organised at the State Science and Technology museum hall.

The maps were received by three local body representatives, C.Jayan Babu, Thiruvananthapuram Mayor, C. Divakaran, chairman, Chamber of Municipal Chairmans and K.Narayanan, Kerala grama panchayat president.

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