Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ArcGIS Server to Connect with Clients and Stakeholders

Arup, a global firm of designers, engineers, planners, and business consultants, has chosen a server-based geographic information system (GIS) provided by ESRI to help manage more than ten thousand worldwide engineering projects.

Through an ESRI enterprise license agreement (ELA), 86 Arup offices, located on five continents, will connect with one another and with clients and project stakeholders using ESRI's ArcGIS Server as well as many other ESRI desktop products.

"Location is everything," says Arup lead GIS consultant Ewan Peters. "Our projects generate and require a vast amount of location-based information that comes from different sources and exists in different formats. ESRI's suite of GIS products provides the tools that Arup needs to manage, analyze, and communicate ideas and designs to help shape a better world."

Arup has used ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop software for various projects throughout the last 10 years and has recognized an increasing demand for GIS services on an enterprise and customer service level. The management of engineering projects, such as highway design, site development and regeneration, flood modeling, environmental management, acoustic modeling, and transport planning, highlight Arup's extensive plans for the use of ArcGIS Server.

"ArcGIS Server is going to play a vital role in future projects as well as how we operate as a firm," says Peters. "Having the ability to use GIS on an enterprise level within a managed information system is a crucial part of our corporate GIS strategy. ArcGIS Server provides the tools to allow us to do this."

ArcGIS Server is a complete and integrated server-based GIS. It comes with out-of-the-box, end-user applications and services for spatial data management, visualization, and spatial analysis. ArcGIS Server offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities that enable organizations to publish and share geographic data, maps, analyses, models, and more. With ArcGIS Server software's rich standards-based platform, centrally managed, high-performance GIS applications and services can be accessed throughout an organization using browser-based, desktop, or mobile clients.



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