Sunday, February 24, 2008

Add Photo Images to your Maps with Stakemill GIS Geotagger package

Stakemill has assembled an entry level GeoTagging package that consists of a DeLorme PN-20 Hand Held GPS unit, the Topo 7 software package, the Earthmate Image Tagger software and a HP Camera.

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GPS Features

Extensive On-Device Memory
75MB of internal flash memory available in addition to the preloaded world base map. Holds up to ten tracks (10,000 points per track); 1,000 user-defined waypoints; and 50 routes. SD slot also available.

1-GB SD Card & Reader Included
This bundle includes the 1-GB SD Card & Reader, which are ideal for use with large files including the DeLorme Aerial Data Packets (ADPs).

Software Features

The most up-to-date Topographic Mapping software

Amazing 3-D Flyovers and new aerial imagery downloads


Geo-tag your digital photos
Improved Geocaching Features
Bring all the new Points-of-Interest and Atlas categories on your PN-20.
Extended descriptions and hints from .gpx files found on now transferable to the PN-20 !!
New improved Handheld Exchange for selecting a variety of grid sizes for sending to the DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-20
Link your digital photos to any DeLorme mapping software based on GPS timestamp automatically!

Earthmate Image Tagger Full Details

How It Works
The Earthmate Image Tagger can link a collection of digital images to a GPS file based on the image timestamp and the GPS log time. If your camera was set to an incorrect time, you can calculate an offset and apply it to the collection of photos.
Your photos remain untouched, while an output (DeLorme Draw or XData) file is generated that link the photos to the map.

Camera Features

Point-and-shoot simplicity
Get high-quality images with the 5 MP resolution
Zero in on your subjects with the precision lens with 5x digital zoom
Frame, snap, and view images on the 1.5" display
Easily snap and review shots with the easy buttons and menus
Banish red eye with our industry-leading, in-camera red-eye removal
Capture live action with the video setting
Easy storage, battery charging, and more
Store photos with the 16MB internal memory; add a Secure Digital memory card for extra capacity
Recharge the batteries while in the optional printer dock1
1 year warranty
Light weight

Technical Details
Sensor: 5.0 Megapixel CCD
Size: 1/2.5-inch
Image Resolution: 2576 x 1920
Image Resolution: 2080 x 1552
Movie Resolution: 320 x 240
Memory Included: 16MB Internal
Storage Media: Secure Digital
Storage Media: SDHC Memory Card
Compressed Format: JPEG
Movie File Format: Motion JPEG
Digital Zoom: 5x
Focal Length: 6.0 mm focal length (equivalent to 36.4 mm)
Focusing Range: Digital Focal Distance: Approximately 1 m to infinity,
Focusing Range: 35 mm equivalent: Approximately 36.4 mm to infinity

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