Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Second Digital Mapping Camera from Intergraph

Intergraph Germany has supplied an additional Intergraph Z/I Imaging® DMC® Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) to Hansa Luftbild Sensorik und Photogrammetrie GmbH. Germany's largest and oldest aerial survey company has already been successfully using a DMC since late 2005 and has managed to establish with it a fully digital photogrammetric workflow.

Apart from experiencing greater efficiency compared with an analog camera by avoiding costly and time-consuming film processing and scanning, this digital system also provides the option of black and white, color or infrared pictures. Hansa Luftbild provides a wide range of photogrammetric services to commercial and government customers. Hansa Luftbild plans to use the second DMC system to meet the increased customer demand for digital imagery.

"The system has proven to be reliable and has been successfully integrated into our existing structures," says Dr. Paul Hartfiel, production manager at Hansa Luftbild Sensorik und Photogrammetrie GmbH in Münster. The aerial survey company has three Cessna aircraft based in Münster, which alternate the use of the DMC with Intergraph's tried-and-tested analog RMK TOP systems.

The DMC's stabilized suspension mount is identical to that of the analog system, ensuring a seamless switch between camera systems. Apart from saving time and money, this also allows Hansa Luftbild to offer its customers enhanced picture quality and increased image accuracy with a ground resolution of a few centimeters. With four multispectral channels integrated, the DMC can even take simultaneous color and pseudocolor photographs. The DMC has a clear advantage over the analog camera particularly in bad weather. Thanks to the DMC's higher sensitivity, high-quality images can still be produced in conditions that would require an aircraft equipped with an analog camera to remain on the ground.

Source : http://www.intergraph.com/


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