Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Leica Cyclone II TOPO

Leica Geosystems, announces next-generation software for quickly creating accurate topographic maps from laser scan data. The new software, Leica Cyclone II TOPO, is intended for standard CAD techs and does not require specialized skills in 3D or laser scanning.

Leica Geosystems’ High-Definition Surveying™ (HDS™) laser scanners and software are used for rapidly surveying sites and structures to capture their “as-is” or “as-built” condition with extraordinary detail. The resulting rich, laser scan data sets have, however, been considered by many as challenging for non-specialists to process into traditional 2D topographic maps. Leica Cyclone II TOPO overcomes this office processing hurdle, allowing everyday CAD techs to create maps from laser scan data as fast as or even faster than making maps from survey data collected conventionally.

Breakthrough User Interface and Office Automation Advances:
Unlike other point cloud software, Leica Cyclone II TOPO features a map-like, top-down user interface as the primary work area - an interface very familiar to standard CAD techs. This top-down interface is supplemented with a breakthrough capability that automatically generates associated cross-section and isometric views of the same map area. For optimal analysis, all views can be arrayed simultaneously on a single display. Moreover, each Intelligent-2D-Section View™ automatically shows the area of greatest topographic interest and the best section view orientation. Together, these automated views let CAD techs quickly navigate point cloud data to accurately locate topographic features.

In addition to the friendly, efficient viewing interface, new SmartPick™ tools let any CAD tech automatically extract specific, desired scan points from clusters of laser scan data with a single click. Users can now very quickly and accurately select “highest”, “lowest”, “closest to”, “edge”, “flow line”, “line stripe” or “ground” points. Previously, users had to spend time manually navigating in 3D and then visually selecting what appeared to be the highest point, lowest point, etc.

Plug and Play with Standard Mapping Workflows:
Cyclone II TOPO applies standard methods for survey coding and for line & arc creation from High-Definition Survey scan data. Survey code lists and survey control data can be directly imported; direct export to survey CAD applications lets CAD techs create final maps using the same office workflows used with conventional survey methods.

Built on Powerful Cyclone Software Foundation:
Leica Cyclone II TOPO is “next-generation” software in terms of a friendly and efficient interface for processing point clouds into map deliverables. It also takes advantage of a Cyclone software foundation that is the industry’s most powerful and popular for managing, accessing, and viewing large, High-Definition Survey data sets. All Cyclone software modules – including a new Leica Cyclone VIEWER Pro module - support the export of file sets to Cyclone II TOPO. Together, Cyclone II TOPO’s “next-generation” features and its Cyclone foundation provide users with unprecedented office efficiency and convenience for creating topographic maps.

Short Learning Curve
The user friendly interface and automation tools are complemented by 1-2-3, step-by-step, on-screen guidance for each type of mapping activity. As a result, standard CAD techs can learn Leica Cyclone II TOPO in a matter of a few hours, instead of training for several days or more using prior generation tools. This means that organizations can spread the benefits of HDS to more of their survey work, sooner. Organizations are also less exposed in the event that their “office laser scanning expert” may no longer be available.

Source : http://www.leica-geosystems.com


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