Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mapplet.NET 4.0 for advanced enterprise GIS viewing

Spatial Wave, Inc. announced today the release of Mapplet.NET 4.0, which is now shipping to new customers and those on maintenance.

Mapplet.NET is the most advanced GIS viewer which takes advantage of proven technology from ESRI and Microsoft to offer a framework for developing in-house GIS portals. Mapplet.NET 4.0 is built on ESRI’s Application Development Framework (ADF) technology and supports both ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS. Using Mapplet.NET, any organization can build powerful GIS portals to view and analyze data within hours without the need for any programming. Mapplet.NET has many powerful components which make it an ideal platform for Utility companies interested in developing GIS portals that allow them to view and query not only GIS data but other related facilities databases such as Customer Maintenance or Document Management Systems. This release builds on the success of Mapplet.NET 3.1’s ease-of-use and functionality and includes support and integration of both Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth technology in the viewer.

“Our goal was to create the most powerful yet easy to use solution for water and wastewater entities looking to use GIS as a tool to manage their districts”, said Dr. Ali Diba, President of Spatial Wave. “With 4.0 we are able to offer unprecedented capabilities to users that have complex legacy large scale databases containing many years of transactional data and monitoring data. Mapplet.NET combines the GIS advancements of the server technology from ESRI together with the maps and imagery that are available from Google and Microsoft. 4.0 is a response to our customer requirements to have an easy to use and powerful mapping portal with access to the best technologies available today”, said Dr. Diba.

About Spatial Wave

Spatial Wave is an industry leading GIS software company specializing in the development of enterprise specific work flow application solutions. Their solutions enable office and mobile workers in large organizations to enhance their efficiency by taking advantage of GIS technology in their daily work. The solutions are designed to empower their customers to accomplish their work by utilizing advanced technology with minimal training.

Spatial Wave is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, in Orange County, California. For more information, please visit their web site at:


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