Thursday, January 24, 2008

Local Governments Migrate From ArcIMS To ArcGIS Server

Polk County NC

After completing a custom $60,000 ArcGIS Server application Polk County NC had funds left over. With these leftover funds, which were approximately 10% of the original project, the GIS group purchased Freeance Release 5. The County GIS group liked that Freeance allows them to create new GIS Web applications and modify them in-house as opposed to their original project that is a "black box" which only the vendor can modify. Freeance Release 5 functionality that the County plans on utilizing are; the markup and redlining functions and the plug-n-play database connection to AS/400 DB2 tables. One of the new Web sites the County plans on creating with Freeance will access North Carolina historical maps for public access.

Amarillo TX

The City had multiple existing ArcIMS Web sites that were customized over the years to perform specific functions required by internal users and public. This created a "custom code captive" situation for the City GIS/IT group and modifying existing GIS Web sites became cumbersome. For their migration to the new ArcGIS Server platform the City was looking for a way to avoid building Web sites with custom code applications. The City purchased Freeance to build new ArcGIS Server Web sites because of its commercial off-the-shelf attributes that allow easy, quick and structured maintaining of their new ArcGIS Server Web applications.

Napa County CA

Moving into ArcGIS Server the County GIS group needed a rapid development application builder that allows them to create custom reporting with buffering for end users to create mailing label reports. Multiple PDF print templates were also an attractive feature that the County plans to utilize with Freeance.

These are just a few of the many organizations using Freeance to maximize their ArcGIS Server resources in 2008. Freeance Release 5 reduces the time and effort needed to create Web mapping applications and increase functionality of GIS Web sites.

Freeance has become a leading solution for building Web mapping applications using ArcGIS and ArcIMS software. License fees for Freeance Release 5 start at $5,995 per server and allow organizations to build an unlimited number of internal and external Web based applications.

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