Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Download Map of Purchasing Power of Germany 2008

GfK GeoMarketing is providing an overview map of Germany that illustrates the distribution of purchasing power in Germany's districts (Data source: GfK GeoMarketing). Bavaria’s inhabitants with an average disposable income of 20,340 Euros per capita are the most affluent members of German society. In more than a quarter of all Bavarian districts, the average purchasing power is 10% or more above the German average.The study "GfK Purchasing Power Germany" is conducted every year. The purchasing power survey covers all German urban and rural districts, municipalities and postal code areas, as well as 2.4 million street sections.

According to the findings of the GfK survey, German consumers are forecast to have disposable incomes totaling 1,542 billion Euros in 2008. This figure includes state benefits like unemployment benefit, child benefit and pensions. This corresponds to an average per capita purchasing power or disposable income of 18,734 Euros per annum, which every German can spend on the necessities of life and consumer goods. The figure is almost 700 Euros higher than for 2007 and represents growth of around 3.8%.

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