Thursday, January 10, 2008

COTS Toolset for ArcGIS Server

Looking to maximize their ArcGIS Server resources in 2008, local governments are turning to commercial third-party software Freeance Web 5.0 to reduce time and effort needed to create Web mapping applications and increase functionality.

City of Palm Desert CA
Needed multiple templates that can be modified and connecting many different databases to ESRI MXD and AXL map services. Also required PDF printing for endusers.

City of Arvada CO
Needed database connecting and better layer control for end users. Also needed control over the placement and layout of the results tables from queries and feature identify functions.

Centre County PA
Just installed ArcGIS Server. Currently running ArcIMS and needs to replace ArcIMS web apps with ArcGIS in 2008. Wanted a non-programming solution for in-house development.

Freeance Web 5.0 allows organizations to create Web mapping applications with ArcGIS Server and/or ArcIMS without programming. Freeance ships with scaled PDF printing, enterprise database connections and many other plug-and-play tools for ArcGIS Server. Freeance Web 5.0 is priced at $5,995 and allows for unlimited number of applications and unlimited number of end-users.

Freeance has become a leading solution for building web mapping applications using ArcGIS and ArcIMS software. License fees for Freeance Release 5.0 start at $5,995 per server and allow organizations to build an unlimited number of internal and external web based applications.

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