Friday, December 28, 2007

Jamaica Wants to Track Offenders, but Not Provide its Maps

Jamaica wants to use GPS-enabled tracking for repeat offenders and persons who have committed petty crimes. It contracted with a Jamaica-owned company (based in California) to build the system, but when the company asked for the national maps from National Land Agency, the country refused to supply them. Says the rep from Jamaica's Ministry of National Security:

They asked us to supply them with maps from the National Land Agency and we said absolutely not. They have to produce their own maps.

Dilieu Technology, which was hired to biuld the system "has offered to purchase maps from another supplier and host them on a Microsoft virtual earth system or build a data base at cost price for the Government." It's unclear how the project will proceed at this point. Further, it's unclear why the government won't share the data it has.

Source: Jamaica Observer


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