Friday, December 21, 2007

Free validation tool for Oracle-based spatial databases

1Spatial have released Radius Check Lite, a simple heath check tool for Oracle-based spatial databases. This tool is available for free from the 1Spatial website at

Working on both Oracle Locator and Oracle Spatial this tool provides a simple and easy-to-use way of validating the set-up of a spatial database. It is suitable for any user from a DBA through to the GIS user, and has the added benefit of actually educating the novice user about the conditions required for a spatial database.

Radius Check Lite connects from your desktop to your Oracle Spatial database and assesses the spatial data looking for specific validations (presence of metadata and spatial indexes). It then returns a data health check report in a simple colour coded format so the user can target and rectify any potential problems.

A limited license of three months is granted at no cost to the user.

Radius Check Lite is only the first step on the data quality road map, Radius Check Lite will be followed in the New Year by its two counterparts Radius Check, and Radius Check Plus.

Radius Check will extend the functionality of Radius Check Lite allowing the user to fix any problems in the set-up of the database from within the interface using simple drop down menus, whilst Radius Check Plus will take things a step further allowing the user to look at the geometries themselves and provide an initial quality check and export lists of errors to create workflows for editors.

Originally developed in 1Spatial's Scotland office the Radius Check family of products is the culmination of months of trials and feedback received from Oracle DBAs and system developers. The requirements of these various expert users have now been turned into a simple effective tool that customers of all experience levels can utilize.

Graham Stickler, Product and Marketing Director, 1Spatial, commented:

'Radius Check is an important development for us at 1Spatial. As increasingly more spatial data managers look to realise the benefit of storing their spatial data in an open Oracle database, simple tools to help them migrate and manage their data are vital. We are keen to use our expertise and experience in spatial data quality control and management to facilitate this. The release of Radius Check Lite, with its simple and easy to use interface, is a first step as we endeavour to simplify the spatial data management process for all users regardless of their experience. We hope that by making this freely available that we will enable all spatial data managers to simply set up and manage their spatial databases, allowing for maximum use of their data.'

About 1Spatial
1Spatial has 35 years of experience in providing operational solutions to organisations with large spatial databases. With leading expertise in transforming data from CAD and GIS, quantitative data quality control, and spatial database technologies we also enable reuse and repurposing of such data and access through both internal and external portals. The modern era demands the unconstrained sharing of spatial data between systems, business areas, organisations, and the public. We are the specialists in enabling such cooperative infrastructures.


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