Where is GIS Used?

Posted by GIS talk On Sunday, February 26, 2006
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GIS is everwhere! There are many businesses, government agencies and others who are using GIS Government Agencies

Many government agencies use GIS to help in planning and organizing their geographic data. GIS is not limited to federal use, local and state governments also use GIS to keep track of the properties, public works, roads, and more within their jurisdiction. Examples of agencies using GIS include the National Park Service, the Army Corp of Engineers, North Carolina Department of Trasportation.

Emergency Services
Many police departments, fire departments and other emergency services have begun to use GIS to help in their daily operations. GIS software can help officials track crime, find the shortest route to emergencies and more. After the events of Septemeber 11th GIS has also become a primary technology in Homeland Security. Examples of GIS use in these fields.

Other Businesses
Real estate agents and bankers are using GIS to track properties, property values, and tax information. Health care professionals are using GIS to track the spread of disease and wellness information. Communication technology companies use GIS in planning of their utility expansions. Weather forcasting also uses GIS technologies. A host of other businesses use it for marketing purposes. See Additional Resources for more information.


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