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Here are the 2012 Impact Factors of the top 20 Geosciences (Multidisciplinary) peer-reviewed journals as released by Thomson Reuters.  The journal "Nature Geoscience" has the highest Impact factor of all, while the "Journal of Geophysical Research" has the most number of citations in 2012.

Is your favorite GIS journal among the top 20?

1. Full Journal Title:    Nature Geoscience    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Nat. Geosci.
Total Citations: 7451
Impact Factor: 12.367
5-Year Impact Factor: 12.905

2. Full Journal Title:    Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci.
Total Citations: 4653
Impact Factor: 8.833
5-Year Impact Factor: 9.861

3. Full Journal Title:    GONDWANA RESEARCH    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Gondwana Res.
Total Citations: 4394
Impact Factor: 7.396
5-Year Impact Factor: 6.171

4. Full Journal Title:    EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Earth-Sci. Rev.
Total Citations: 6204
Impact Factor: 7.339
5-Year Impact Factor: 8.759

5. Full Journal Title:    Geoscientific Model Development    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Geosci. Model Dev.
Total Citations: 626
Impact Factor: 5.030
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.500

6. Full Journal Title:    GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Glob. Biogeochem. Cycle
Total Citations: 9505
Impact Factor: 4.682
5-Year Impact Factor: 5.846

7. Full Journal Title:    PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Precambrian Res.
Total Citations: 8624
Impact Factor: 4.441
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.918

ISO Abbrev. Title:     Geol. Soc. Am. Bull.
Total Citations: 13572
Impact Factor: 4.286
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.494

9. Full Journal Title:    QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Quat. Sci. Rev.
Total Citations: 13483
Impact Factor: 4.076
5-Year Impact Factor: 5.040

10. Full Journal Title:    Quaternary Geochronology    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Quat. Geochronol.
Total Citations: 1290
Impact Factor: 4.015
5-Year Impact Factor: 3.913

11. Full Journal Title:    GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Geophys. Res. Lett.
Total Citations: 64112
Impact Factor: 3.982
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.070

12. Full Journal Title:    Cryosphere    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Cryosphere
Total Citations: 868
Impact Factor: 3.770
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.535

13. Full Journal Title:    Biogeosciences    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Biogeosciences
Total Citations: 4590
Impact Factor: 3.754
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.178

14. Full Journal Title:    AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Am. J. Sci.
Total Citations: 6143
Impact Factor: 3.600
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.563

ISO Abbrev. Title:     Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci.
Total Citations: 5365
Impact Factor: 3.587
5-Year Impact Factor: 3.984

16. Full Journal Title:    Climate of the Past    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Clim. Past.
Total Citations: 1392
Impact Factor: 3.556
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.231

17. Full Journal Title:    BIOGEOCHEMISTRY    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Biogeochemistry
Total Citations: 6997
Impact Factor: 3.531
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.077

18. Full Journal Title:    PROGRESS IN PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Prog. Phys. Geogr.
Total Citations: 2275
Impact Factor: 3.419
5-Year Impact Factor: 3.690

19. Full Journal Title:    Advances in Geophysics    
ISO Abbrev. Title:     Adv. Geophys.
Total Citations: 370
Impact Factor: 3.333
5-Year Impact Factor: 1.553

ISO Abbrev. Title:     ISPRS-J. Photogramm. Remote Sens.
Total Citations: 2496
Impact Factor: 3.313
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.026

The "<b>Journal of Geophysical Research</b>" has an Impact Factor of 3.174, and is ranked no. 23.


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