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Field Data Collection With Smartphones, Tablets and Lasers
Wednesday - April 10, 1pm MST

By coupling TruPulse lasers with the GeoJot+ field data collection system, your field teams will collect consistent and accurate data, with minimal effort and training. Finally - tools your field crew will be excited to use! Then visualize your data in ArcGIS and Google Earth, or create photo-based reports.

The days of measuring wheels, height sticks, pencils and a clipboard for recording field data are over. Attend this webinar and learn how to combine the power of an LTI’s TruPulse® mapping laser with your smartphone or tablet using the GeoJot+ app.

Capture the location of remote objects and height measurements with a TruPulse mapping laser and wirelessly transmit values to your smartphone or tablet using GeoJot+. Then take a geotagged photo of the object and collect additional attribute information. Automatically upload all data to the cloud and back down to your office. Generate shapefiles, geodatabases, Google Earth maps, and professional reports, including offset positions.

Ideal for forestry, natural resource management, general construction, utilities, mining and telecommunication professionals, and for any field data collection team that needs to capture geotagged photos of remote objects, and data including height or vertical distance measurements.

Map and measure more in less time. Decrease your safety liabilities while increasing your revenue. Gain a competitive advantage with minimal training.

Learn how to get the most accurate field data with your organization’s smartphones and tablets! Register now for a free webinar on Wednesday, April 10th at 1pm MST.


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