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Posted by GIS talk On Friday, December 07, 2012
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This is a list of some free bulk address geocoder tools that you can use online.

1. Free Geocoder: Geocode any Address in the United States. You can enter multiple addresses in a single query. [VISIT SITE]

2. BatchGeo - a free bulk geocoding tool for getting lat/long data and mapping multiple locations. It uses Yahoo's new Gecodoing API. [VISIT SITE]

3. Bulk Geocoder - is a web application that geocodes address data to latitude/longitude pairs. We assume that you have the data either in an excel sheet or in a database. It is fairly easy to export and import from excel and any database to a csv (comma separated values) file. You upload the csv file to and map the data - so that we know the address, city, zip and state from other data in your file. Once this is done the file is geocoded and you are sent a link to verify the data. Upon verification, you can choose to make payment and download the data. The data is the same csv file that you have uploaded, but with two additional columns for the latitude and longitude values. [VISIT SITE]

4. Geocoding Tool - This is a simple GOOGLE MAPS and BING MAPS geocoding and reverse geocoding tool. [VISIT SITE]

5. Texas A&M Geoservices Geocoder - The services available allow a user to process a single address (parsed or non-parsed) as well as a database of records in batch. [VISIT SITE]


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