Predicting Earthquake in Azerbaijan Using Satellite System

Posted by GIS talk On Friday, September 21, 2012
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The Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan intends to create a system of forecasting the earthquake sources.

Institute’s head Telman Aliyev says that in the last two years it has been established 5 seismic telemetry stations for forecasting earthquakes.

"Today, through the stations operating in Gum Adasi, Siyazan, Neftchala, Shirvan and Naftalan, we can predict the earthquake for 15-20 hours before its start. 17 seismologists from Canada, Panama, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other countries have been involved in work at these stations. Today, we together with these expert seismologists will visit our nearby stations and in the coming months we will develop a new system for forecasting earthquakes. In the next stage we plan to develop a system to predict not only the fact of the origin of the earthquake, but the coordinates of the earthquake. To date, the system model has been created, but its putting into reality requires a certain time. We will implement this project in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications & IT of Azerbaijan, which provided us with telecommunication means to transmit the signals from the different stations to the single data processing center, where by performing proper analysis we can predict the coordinates of the expected quake," he said.

According to Aliyev, it is planned to install a new telemetry seismic station in Nakhchivan on the border with Iran and Turkey.

"In case one station is not enough for quake prediction, we will create some other stations in this region. All our stations have received patents of international organizations, German journal "Lambert" published the results of our research in a separate issue. In the future, together with the above-mentioned countries, we intend to create a network of earthquake prediction, controlled from satellite," he said.



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