AR Browser and Image Matching Unveiled

Posted by GIS talk On Monday, August 13, 2012
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ARlab has unveiled two new innovative Augmented Reality solutions to help developers to create useful, easy and fast applications: AR Browser and Image Matching, as part of the company´s commitment to offer a portfolio of technological solutions according to developers’ needs.

Both ARlab tools were fully developed thinking on isolating the developer from the complexity of the main augmented reality, computer vision and 3d rendering functionalities so that the developer can just start working on the app idea. AR Browser and Image Matching has been created with simplicity of use in mind. For that reason, the company also introduces Linkar Developer Community ( as a reach space to learn and share experiences and learning to the whole world.

“The way in which some daily events are carried out could change forever with the use of Augmented Reality. Actions like reading a newspaper or a magazine, or even shopping will not even be the same with the use of this fast grow technology, which is becoming more and more used by mobile applications developers" said Pablo García Morato, CTO of the company. “ARLab main focus is developers, and AR Browser and Image Matching are revolutionary solutions created thinking on them".

Reality Geolocation
With AR Browser add augmented reality geolocation view to Android or iOS applications is possible in less than 5 minutes, having a fully customizable look and feel. Also add and remove POIs from the pool without refreshing the view it becomes very easy.

The ARlab solution allows fully customized framework with really simple API. The framework takes care of all the complex functionalities of the augmented reality browser. The developers just need to focus on designing the application.

Real Time Image Recognition
The Image Matching technology developed by ARLab enables real time Image recognition with a high success rate. This application tries to show all the capabilities of the AR Image Matching that ARLab has carefully developed. The developer will be able to integrate Augmented Reality SDK in its mobile application in few time.Image Matching is a real time image recognition engine that can match thousands of pictures within your device without an Internet connection.

The ARlab image matcher uses a smartphone’s powerfull hardware to complete the image processing and give matched results in milliseconds. The engine is very easy to use. Developers just need to add the images and the engine will start doing the matching with no pre-processing required.

Linkar Developer Community
Linkar is the new community thought by and for developers, where they will be able to share, to know, and to ask to other developers which also belong to the community. The main goal of this community is that different developers contact each other to create a greater interaction amongst them, which will sometimes benefit both the users and the companies.

In Linkar developers will be able to buy licenses of the SDKs, publish their own applications and promote them. The idea is to create an AR ecosystem where developers can learn from others, share their ideas and win and make business with the apps and/or projects they may develop. ARlab will contribute not only supporting each single part of your development, even if is not AR related, but also the company will release full open source projects like: BoxOffice developed with the ImageMatching SDK and ARPicBrowser developer with the AR Browser SDK.

About ARLab
ARLab is an innovative company focused in the field of Augmented Reality and computer vision. The company offers an extended portfolio of technological solutions and technologies according to developers’ needs, capable to materialize their ideas in the shortest time possible. After years of research and development, ARlab wants to become a global reference in the industry and supports clients from two locations: Madrid (Spain) and Haifa (Israel).

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