BlomWEB Viewer 3.1 Now Available

Posted by GIS talk On Monday, December 05, 2011
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The BlomWEB Viewer is a front end web application for Blom's geo server, BlomURBEX. Following development of the BlomURBEX API, Blom is pleased to announce that version 3.1 of the BlomWEB viewer is now available to customers. The development of Version 3.1 has been focused on the addition of new capabilities, demo scenarios, integration with the new BlomSTREET product as well as allowing for greater customization.

This release means that BlomWEB now contains the following functionalities:

Full integration with BlomSTREET™ spherical imagery including measurement capabilities
LiDAR viewer - allowing users to view and interact with LiDAR datasets online
New "DEMO SCENARIOS" for the Blom product range, including BlomSTEREO™ and BlomMETRO™
Plugins upload - this ability provides developers with a new interface for customizing BlomWEB Viewer™.
Symbology editor for vector layers
New annotations interface
Routing capabilities from multiple providers
BlomWEB can now include parameters in the URL to open the app, for instance, at a given coordinates.

The BlomWEB viewer is able to display all of Blom data models, including Blom's unique database of high resolution vertical & oblique aerial imagery, height data and the recently released Blom3D™ datasets. It provides easy access to demo layers and datasets while also allowing the integrating of both 2D, 3D and LiDAR capabilities in one unique application. Blom has developed the BlomWEB Viewer™ to provide their customers with the flexibility of accessing BlomURBEX™ from either a ready-made application, web API's, mobile SDK's or GIS plug-ins. The viewer showcases the functionality that is provided in the API's, for example navigation, search and measurement while retaining the speed and stability of the BlomURBEX™ service.

BlomWEB Viewer™ is available at: Contact us for a copy of the user manual or to provide instructions on the access and use of the platform.


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