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Posted by GIS talk On Wednesday, September 21, 2011
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SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 for Android platform is now officially released world wide.

SuperGIS Mobile Tour is the mobile GIS application especially designed for tourism. SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager is the main feature of this product, which allows to create tour project files (*.smt) as many times as you like. You can design different theme project files by setting, rearranging, and managing tour information.

Because of Android platform, SuperGIS Mobile Tour can not only display the scenic spot information and images, play audios, and videos through the Internet but also can browse the web map. While SuperGIS Mobile Tour is activated off-line, it can still play the multimedia files on the mobile device. Adopting the MapCache technologies, SuperGIS Mobile Tour can display the pre-generate map (cached map, .*sgt) so that the overall performance of SuperGIS Mobile Tour has been greatly enhanced.

SuperGIS Mobile Tour supports to read multiple project files, which allows users to define different sets of scenic spots, maps, and biological information. Moreover, SuperGIS Mobile Tour, integrated with GPS, GIS, AR technologies, enables users to intuitively tap the panel to gain the information they need. Besides, SuperGIS Mobile Tour is able to remind tourists that they are approaching the dangerous area or deviating from the route. Therefore, SuperGIS Mobile Tour is the best solution for scenic spot introduction, campus introduction, and eco-tourism services, etc.

Languages supported for user interface include English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

For more information and the trial software, please visit


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