Geospatial PDF and GeoPDF Import for Adobe Illustrator

Posted by GIS talk On Sunday, June 05, 2011
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Avenza Systems Inc., producers of the PDF Maps app for iOS and geospatial plugins for Adobe Creative Suite, including Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop, is pleased to announce the release of MAPublisher 8.5 for Adobe Illustrator that has the ability to import geospatial PDF documents. This is the first time spatially-aware PDF documents can be opened in the Adobe Illustrator environment and have all of its contents be assigned to MAPublisher layers.

"We've done a lot of research, development and testing of spatial PDF technology to see what is capable and compatible with MAPublisher. We're able to provide geospatial PDF and GeoPDF import to Adobe Illustrator for our users and I believe they will be pleased that it will introduce a new range of uses and applications,” said Ted Florence, President of Avenza. “Not only will our users be able to take existing spatial PDF documents and work with them, but they will also be able to customize their own PDF maps and share them with their own customers and clients,” he added.

The import process opens a geospatial PDF or GeoPDF document at which time the user can assign content to MAPublisher layers and MAP Views while maintaining georeferencing and attributes. This process can be simplified by using the auto-assign option which scans the contents of the PDF document and assigns it to the appropriate MAPublisher layer. Alternatively, content can be manually assigned to MAPublisher layers.

Geospatial PDF import also works with geospatial PDF and GeoPDF files generated by third-party vendors including Esri ArcGIS, FME and TerraGo.

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