Trimble Dimensions 2010: Trimble MX100G GNSS+XPS Receiver

Posted by GIS talk On Tuesday, November 09, 2010
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Trimble introduced today its Trimble MX100G GNSS+XPS Receiver, an integral part of the Trimble Terralite XPS System, which enables open pit mines to maximize operational efficiency by increasing positioning coverage in areas where satellite visibility is limited due to terrain. This unique receiver tracks GPS and now GLONASS constellations as well as Trimble's Terralite "ground satellites" for machine control and guidance applications used in mining operations that require high accuracy positioning with maximum availability.

The announcement was made today at Trimble Dimensions 2010.

The new Trimble MX100G GNSS+XPS Receiver is designed for high-precision guidance and control applications. The Trimble MX100G is typically installed on mining machinery such as blast hole drills, shovels and haul trucks. It plugs into standard automation software tools used by the mining industry and delivers high precision real time positioning information, helping ensure mines are fully utilizing their high-precision machine guidance systems to achieve the highest return on investment.

"Until now, mine operators had to choose between GNSS receivers tracking more satellites in the sky and augmented GPS + ground-based satellite systems," said Alex Cortez, business manager for Trimble Terralite Mining Solutions. "With the introduction of the new Trimble MX100G Receiver, our customers get the best of both worlds—more satellites in the sky with GPS plus GLONASS and ground-based Terralites to create a robust positioning solution for machine guidance and control applications in the most difficult open-pit mine environments."

Trimble's MX100G is available now. Contact the Trimble Terralite Mining Solutions Group at: for more information.


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