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Posted by GIS talk On Tuesday, June 09, 2009
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Global Map Systems Inc. (GMS) announced free map viewing solution. GMS has partnered with Glyph & Cog to offer map users an industry-specific free PDF viewer for spatial analysis. This new release offers map-makers an ideal way to deliver location intelligence and true GIS analysis to field technicians, construction crews, military and Homeland Security personnel that need an easy way to work with native mapping data.

LOGIQ PDF map users now get the following advanced mapping functionality for free:

* Identify features (in topmost layer or all layers): perform point-on-geometry analysis and display attributes and length and area of feature geometry in map units;

* Find features: query features by attributes and highlight geometry of results;

* Measure: interactively draw lines and polygons on the map and display lengths and areas in desired units;

* Export to shapefile: export map features to a shapefile for import into a GIS application;

* Statistics: calculate statistics for a numeric field or feature geometry length or area;

* Frequency table: creates a summary report of occurences for map features, with optional spatial join for point features;

* Display GPS position.

“This new geographic version of a PDF file is excellent for organizations that want the high graphic quality of a conventional PDF file, combined with some of the functionality of a GIS. LOGIQ Viewer allows distributors the ability to publish real map documents in an easy to use, standard format to users with little or no GIS experience, at a cost that is very affordable. This product is on the cutting edge of potentially opening up GIS to the whole world", said Karl Phillips, CEO of

Map users with no GIS training now have free access to powerful GIS analysis tools all running inside a portable PDF map. For the download link, visit


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