CARTOSAT-2 data capture in Russia

Posted by GIS talk On Wednesday, June 10, 2009
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ScanEx RDC has facilitated the reception of CARTOSAT-2 data at UniScan, the universal ground receiving station in Russia, thus increasing the total number of RS satellites handled by the station to 16.

In May, ScanEx performed the first test reception of data from CARTOSAT-2 satellite. As a result, cloud free images of Moscow have been acquired – the most updated highly-detailed imagery of the Russian capital now. Data analysis confirmed a high quality of images acquired. Reception tests were successful and CARTOSAT-2 data can now be delivered on a regular basis to the local ground reception stations.

CARTOSAT-2 spacecraft was launched on January 10, 2007 and is currently the best Indian space vehicle of IRS series in details of delivered images (spatial resolution of 0.8 m). The satellite has been designed to provide panchromatic data at a high revisit period of any Earth area. Sub-meter imagery of CARTOSAT-2 can be applied in cartography for development of digital topographic maps and large-scale GIS-layers (1:5 000 – 1:2 000) based on the DEMs.

According to the terms and conditions of the license, signed between ANTRIX Corporation Ltd and ScanEx RDC in April 2008, the latter is allowed to upgrade its UniScan ground receiving stations with the CARTOSAT-2 data reception hardware, thus enabling to streamline access of the users to Indian satellite data covering Russian and CIS territories.


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