2009 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge Winners

Posted by GIS talk On Thursday, June 18, 2009
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NAVTEQ, provider of digital map data for location-based solutions (LBS) and vehicle navigation, announced at an award ceremony that NAVITIME is the Grand Prize winner of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) edition of the 2009 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge.

NAVITIME from Japan won in the category of Navigation which is one of five categories: Content, Enterprise, Entertainment & Leisure, Navigation and Social Networking.

The three runners-up also selected by the judging panel include,
1. TenCube (Enterprise): WaveSecure helps users to remotely track down the geographical location of their lost phone and lock down, back-up and remotely wipe out copy of their personal data to protect their privacy.

2. Urban team (Entertainment): FastFoot-Challenge delivers an exciting GPS multiplayer game where, through the use of their mobile devices they can transform any park, forest, even cities into their playing field.

3. Yoose/Fox Mobile Distribution (Entertainment): YLIB-J2ME Edition is a location-based global couponing application that allows users to win coupons from businesses based on their location while playing a game or using a mobile social network on their mobile phone.

The finalists represented a broad spectrum of wireless applications for phones from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson based on Java ME and Symbian OS, among the sponsors’ selected platforms for this year’s competition.

The 2009 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge winners were selected based on commercial feasibility, functionality, ease of use and design of the applications and the finalists’ ability to make an effective pitch to the individual expert judges.


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