Pictometry ChangeFindr to improve efficiencies in assessment

Posted by GIS talk On Friday, July 04, 2008
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Pictometry International Corp., a leading provider of geo-referenced aerial image libraries, whose patented and proprietary technology is used globally to capture oblique image libraries, announced today that 34 counties in 18 states across the country have recently purchased the Pictometry ChangeFindr Suite of products. Coverage from these sales represents more than 3 million parcels nationwide. International ChangeFindr projects in Mexico and Canada are also underway.

Pictometry ChangeFindr Suite is a technologically-advanced solution for assessors, GIS professionals, real property tax agencies, and planning and public safety departments. The software program was designed to enable users to reduce field visits, view restricted areas, and improve county tax revenue, all from the convenience of their computer desktop.

Pictometry ChangeFindr is a combination of Pictometry Change Analysis software (a module available in Pictometry’s desktop software) and the Hitachi HouseDiff process. The Pictometry ChangeFindr Suite uses regularly-updated county-owned oblique (3D-like) and orthogonal (straight down) aerial imagery to give users the ability to visually compare property features that have changed over time. HouseDiff is intended to detect and highlight changes resulting from new construction and demolitions and overlay the information on corresponding aerial imagery.

Change Analysis displays the prior year’s imagery in comparison to new imagery of a property in a side-by-side analysis for better visual validation.

Pictometry’s aerial oblique imaging technology captures and catalogues geo-referenced image libraries, capturing up to 20 views of every square foot of an area. When combined with the

Pictometry desktop software program or Pictometry’s newest offering, Pictometry Online, users can measure distance, height, and elevation directly on top of Pictometry Intelligent Images and also have the capability to overlay GIS information and integrate with existing software systems.

“To keep pace with growth and increasing demands, assessors today need a tool that can provide them with the answers to the question, ‘what’s changed?’” said Pictometry’s Chief

Marketing Officer Dante Pennacchia. “With the Pictometry ChangeFindr Suite, assessors can find and validate change from their computer desktop, reducing physical checks to only the validated properties when necessary.”



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