CartoUS 2008 - Nationwide Mapping Data

Posted by GIS talk On Monday, July 14, 2008
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Spatial Insights, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of CartoUS 2008, providing updated nationwide coverage with over 50 layers of mapping data. The nationwide data are sourced from the US Census Bureau TIGER 2007 files (released in March of this year) and were reformatted and enhanced to facilitate display and manipulation. The seamless data are available by county, state, region, or nationwide, and includes Puerto Rico and the US Territories.

Layers provided in CartoUS include roads (primary, secondary, and local), Census boundaries (from block group and larger), metro areas, legislative and school district boundaries, railways, water features, American Indian reservations, and ZIP code tabluation areas. Landmarks, with thousands of point and polygon locations ranging from airports to windmill farms, are also represented. For those needing geocoding ability, optional address ranges for the local streets are available.

“By continually offering updates in synch with the latest Census releases, Spatial Insights keeps the data current for our clients while still offering a great value,” said Don Segal, President of Spatial Insights. “While the Census data is a rich national asset, anyone who has worked with the raw TIGER data knows that a great deal of effort and time are required to massage the data into an immediately usable form. Since we’ve done the preprocessing, our CartoUS 2008 product is truly ready-to-go.”

CartoUS 2008 can be ordered with or without blocks and address ranges. Additionally, subsets of layers are available for roads, census boundaries, census blocks, landmarks, metro areas, legislative and school district boundaries.

CartoUS 2008 is readily available in MapInfo ProfessionalTM TAB and ESRITM SHAPE file formats. Expedited is available via ftp download.

Product information, including pricing, is available at the following URL:


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