New Terrorism and Insurgency Center Events Map

Posted by GIS talk On Thursday, May 15, 2008
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Jane’s new Terrorism and Insurgency Centre Events Map goes live today. Jane’s new system provides up-to-the-minute interactive visual mapping of terrorist groups and events in order to reveal worldwide geographic patterns and trends.

A demonstration of the map can be accessed at . The Terrorism and Insurgency Centre Events Map is an online tool in order for it to have up-to-the-minute accuracy. This service can be subscribed to at

Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre is the most comprehensive and authoritative source for the latest global terrorism-related news, analysis, reference and overview of worldwide terrorist activities as they happen. The database includes detailed profile assessments of over 240 terrorist groups across the world. It allows decision makers from multi-national companies and major political players to build up an intelligence picture of areas where they have business or political interests. The map operates using ESRI’s ArcIMS Geographical Information System (GIS), which is a software tool for delivering dynamic maps through the web.

Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre:

* Interprets events geospatially by combining the extensive events search capabilities of the Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre Events Database using ESRI’s ArcIMS (GIS).
* Deconstructs landmark terrorist operations and highlights details such as tactics, logistics, execution and emergency response.
* Groups data by geographical vicinity rather than by more conventional political and regional boundaries, instantly producing a visual relationship between previously un-associated incidents.
* Builds an integrated intelligence picture by exporting events and geospatially fusing them to third party content.
* Helps individuals to illustrate reports and briefings with personalised maps based on criteria such as group, country of origin, tactics, targets, political, religious or other affiliations with additional geographical and political layers.
* Builds an integrated intelligence picture by exporting events and geospatially fusing them to third party content.

Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre tracks up-to-the-minute terrorist and insurgent activity using the interactive events database. It analyzes these activities using an archive of over 47,000 records of events built up over the last ten years, advanced mapping technology and Jane’s vast archive of related thematic analysis on issues such as terrorist financing and radicalisation. It also maintains a global perspective on terrorist activity and allowing it to confidently assess the risks affecting any country or organisation’s economic or strategic interests as required.

For more information, please visit the website,


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